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BOTM: U.P.U.P. (Understated Performance U.P.) - part 3

Andy Kessler - 28-Jul-2016
In last weeks blog of the Understated Performance U.P. we showed for the first time only pictures and of course that made some of you really hungry for more information. Here it comes…

But first we go back one step to the video in part 1. Obviously the bike in this video is different from the U.P. featured in this blog. We got quite a bit of questions what wheels I was riding in that video. The answer is Enve M60 in the back and M50 in front. I could say the M60 was picked because I wanted to have a wider rim and better tire performance in the back but in fact it was just because I had those two wheels laying around.

As Gerard mentioned also, that video and the pictures of this blog date back to last August. I was riding that race just 8 months after I got a hip replacement. My doctor asked me later if he can use that video to show his patients that there is a life after hip replacement (I am glad there is….). I have never been asked by any of his patients how my life after hip replacement is, but the funny thing is that 3 doctors of this clinic are now on an OPEN U.P.... So for sure it was worth sharing it!

Ok, back to the U.P.U.P. It's a really nice, clean and classic built . Its not loud, its not shinny but its really good value for money and great performance. I think the spectacular thing about this built is that that there is nothing that stands out. It all goes hand in hand and that is what makes this bike truly special.

 Here are the specs of the U.P.U.P:

Component Model
size L
frame orange
headset Cane Creek 40
fork 3T Luteus II thru-axle
stem  3T Team Stealth 6 degree 110mm
handlebar 3T Team Stealth Ergonova 44 
handlebar grip Fizik Black
seatpost 3T Team Stealth Ionic 0
saddle Fizik Antares 00 braided
brakes CX1 - 160mm Centerline (6-bolt) rotor
shifters CX1
crank  CX1 GXP 175mm
BB CX1 GXP + GXP adaptor FSA for EVO386
chainrings CX1 42t
rear derailleur CX1 RD
cassette CX1 11-36
chain SRAM PC 1170
wheel 3T Discus Team C35
tire Racing Ralph 700x33
… for the first time I will tell you also what next months BOTM is: Its called “the Swiss ONE”. More to come soon.

Comments & Questions

Great built and pretty much the way I'd spec it as well, as long as there is no eTap 1x11 - Or Ultegra Di2 1x11.
Btw: do you still offer the OPEN kit you are always wearing?
Eventually: Great you could participate in the Grand Raid so shortly after the hip replacement!
Post #1 of 15. Posted by FeLix on 29-Jul-2016 03:17:43 GMT in reply to blog [0<--828]
Hi Felix, we do still offer the kit, in fact we've made a new Castelli jersey and a whole set of apparel with Assos as well. We'll have that on our site in the next few weeks.
Post #3 of 15. Posted by Gerard Vroomen on 01-Aug-2016 22:59:53 GMT in reply to post #1 [828<--831]
Is there a way of accessing the 'library' of all these updates that i'm missing here (like a quick reference/access list)? A few times i've been like "I remember Andy fitting that lefty fork last year on 1.0" or "Gerard answered that question a few months ago" and its a been a mission to find it. I think you a have a great reference here of ideas and knowledge on how different parts fit or look on your bikes, especially with inputs that people put in with the comments section and your replies to peoples questions. I know on your old site you had that search function that sort of worked OK (provided you could remember what the update was called). Is it right that I'm not seeing any comments on any of your entries pre-website update???
Post #2 of 15. Posted by Adrian on 29-Jul-2016 22:04:39 GMT in reply to blog [0<--829]
Hi Adrian, thanks for the comments, that's a fair point. I'll talk to Matt (our webmaster) about the search function, it's on the list but it's a matter of priorities. First off are some other updates that will make it easier to find older updates though.

As for the comments, because we stopped using facebook comments and switched to this new set-up (which makes it easier to comment without needing to login and also obviously easier for non-facebook users), it meant that our old facebook comments are now gone.
Post #4 of 15. Posted by Gerard Vroomen on 01-Aug-2016 23:03:02 GMT in reply to post #2 [829<--832]
I am configuring my build set for my UP, but can't seem to find the suitable adaptor and BBfor the GXP Force1 cranks...
Can you please provide me the exact setup you are using for your UP/SRAM builds? Because I see solutions where the adaptor fits in the 386 bearings and others where the adaptor fits in the frame and the BB fits in the adaptor.... And I know what a hassle this can be. Thanks!
Post #5 of 15. Posted by Michiel on 05-Aug-2016 05:34:39 GMT in reply to blog [0<--848]
Do you already have the crank? If not, then we recommend the 30mm Force 1 crank, not the 24mm GXP version. Both work, but the 30mm is a little bit nicer so that's what we use. And then any BB30 bottom bracket will work, but there are a few that are dedicated to BB386EVO. I will post a full update on crank options in the next few days, so please sit tight.
Post #6 of 15. Posted by Gerard Vroomen on 07-Aug-2016 10:56:24 GMT in reply to post #5 [848<--854]
Gerard, I don't have the crank yet, but would that be the BB30 option for crank/groupset? Looking forward to the update on crank options, as I will be ordering the full kit in the upcoming week! Thanks again
Post #7 of 15. Posted by Michiel on 08-Aug-2016 06:03:35 GMT in reply to post #6 [854<--856]
Yes, that would be the BB30 crank which really isn't a BB30 crank.
Post #8 of 15. Posted by Gerard Vroomen on 09-Aug-2016 07:26:43 GMT in reply to post #7 [856<--857]
With the SRAM Force1x11 BB30 crank, would this C-Bear Bottom Bracjet fit?
They state with a single ring it should fit.
Post #12 of 15. Posted by Michiel on 12-Aug-2016 04:24:40 GMT in reply to post #8 [857<--867]
So many products, we can't possibly know them all. So we honestly don't know this one. Our BB is completely standard BB386EVO though, and the SRAM Force 1 crank is pretty standard too, so I would hope C-Bear knows the answer to this question.
Post #13 of 15. Posted by Gerard Vroomen on 17-Aug-2016 00:04:46 GMT in reply to post #12 [867<--874]
As he has been very open about and we all know, Gerard is also co-owner of 3T.
The recent launch of the 3T Explorio (design by G Vroomen) certainly raises a lot of questions. Would it be OK on this site to discuss it?
Is it an improved version of the U.P., or just an aero alternative? In my impression, the UP is at least esthetically more beautiful.
Is the Explorio what the nest version of the UP will look like?
3T often offers 2-3 version of each carbon product (LTD products are lighter and more expensive than the Team counterparts, which in turn are finer than the Pro range). E.g., the 3T Explorio comes in 2 versions: The LTD frameset weighs 950g (€4200) and the Team 1190g (3000), if I'm correctly informed. The UP frameset comes with the 3T Luteus II Team fork (3T also markets a LTD version). I guess that implies that the UP frame also is "3T Team" quality level?
Except for weight, are there any other qualities of the LTD version that are better than the Team?
Will the UP also come in a "LTD" version?
The ingenious Hang Lose Hanger is really cool. Would it fit a U.P? (Unfortunately, I guess not...)
Post #9 of 15. Posted by Bengan on 09-Aug-2016 09:55:34 GMT in reply to blog [0<--858]
Hi Bengt, no problem asking the question. The U.P. and the Exploro are both on the same level, they are both GravelPlus bikes, but they have a different direction. Just like a road bike focusing on climbing is different from one focusing on comfort or on aero, yet they are all road bikes and they can all be "equally good". Both frames cover the range from "almost full-on road bike" to "almost hardtail mountain bike", so when people ask me "I like to do these or those events, which frame is best", the answer is usually that both will do the job. That's the nice thing with the GravelPlus frames, because of the ability to fit those 650b mtb tires they are so far ahead of most other options, that that difference is much more significant than anything else. That said, the Exploro is a little bit more racy, and U.P. a bit more "epic" if that makes sense. You see this in the tube shapes but also in the small tweaks in the geometry (the Exploro is a tad more relaxed).

As for the forks, Obviously we use a painted fork, not a black carbon fork on the U.P., just like the Exploro Team uses a painted fork, while the LTD uses the black carbon LTD fork. As for the frames, you can't really say the U.P. is like one or the other Exploro frame, it just doesn't work that way. We produce it in a different facility using different technologies, suited for the type of frame and tube shapes that the U.P. encompasses, so there is no comparison with the Exploro in that way.

The Hang Loose hanger wouldn't fit on the U.P. and wouldn't make much sense on that frame either. Again that difference between racy and epic.

Hope that answers your questions.
Post #10 of 15. Posted by Gerard Vroomen on 10-Aug-2016 23:35:49 GMT in reply to post #9 [858<--862]
Totally satisfactory.
Thanx, Gerard.
Post #11 of 15. Posted by Bengan on 11-Aug-2016 08:59:35 GMT in reply to post #10 [862<--866]
How wide is too wide? Regarding the use of Enve's M60 vs M50's wheels on a road+ frames and tires (say WTB horizon 47cc). I'm certain it will be possible but will there be any penalties besides weight?
Post #14 of 15. Posted by Mauricio on 04-Sep-2017 12:57:28 GMT in reply to blog [0<--7037]
Those rims actually aren't that wide, so I would say that's still OK. You definitely won't touch the frame with those wheels and a Horizon 47c. Of course if you use a tire that is on the edge (like a 2.1") and you then put it on a "crazy wide" rim, then you'd have issues.
Post #15 of 15. Posted by Gerard Vroomen on 04-Sep-2017 17:19:26 GMT in reply to post #14 [7037<--7038]