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Andy Kessler - 31-Jan-2022
"The bicycle as a canvas"   that was the theme of our "ready to paint" design contest that we started almost 2 years ago.

We had big plans to organise an exhibition hosted by Vitra with 20 invited artists that show off their custom painted OPEN bicycles and the making off a coffee table book that features those artists and their stories behind the bikes.

But we had to postpone the event twice due to Covid and then at the end, we had to give up as we did not want to wait any longer to show you the winner of that design contest.

We were totally thrilled by the amount of great designs that were handed in. At the end, the jury had to make a tough choice as there could only be one winner...

Have a look at the video with the winner Emilien Bouexel. The name of his design is "thrill"







Comments & Questions

I still have a hard time realizing what happened, and I think you can feel it a little on the video...
Thanks again for everything! Very proud of the result and can't wait to see what's next.
Post #1 of 4. Posted by Besignss on 31-Jan-2022 05:52:37 GMT in reply to blog [0<--24405]
Hi, i would like to purchase wi-de-2021 in the pistacchio green please
this bike pleaaw : https://granfon...test/
Post #2 of 4. Posted by mohammad azeem on 31-Jan-2022 16:30:10 GMT in reply to blog [0<--24406]
Dear Mohammad, this has been a limited edition and sold out in a day. We would be able to make a contact to a custom painter/ dealer that does custom painting that can offer you a frame in the same color. Just send me a mail ( if you are interested
Post #3 of 4. Posted by Andy Kessler on 01-Feb-2022 02:29:53 GMT in reply to post #2 [24406<--24407]
Beli je yang unpainted frameset. Lepas tu pegi kedai spray sendiri. Lagi murah.
Post #4 of 4. Posted by Ahmad Zuhairi on 14-Feb-2022 07:44:40 GMT in reply to post #2 [24406<--24419]