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BOTM: My U.P.-GRADE - part 1

Andy Kessler - 13-Sep-2016
The last bike that i kind of wanted to build for myself was the Non Fat ONE+ our June Bike Of The Month. But as so many BOTM I have not seen that bike much. Like a super model it is touring from show to show and in between quick stopovers at magazines. It will be gone for the rest of the year.

But this month BOTM is mine and will stay mine. If you want to know why check the video below.

.... and no this is no new color we offer. When we started the U.P. project we experimented with some colors and that is the reason why we had a frame in black matt left over in the office. But if you are interested in custom colors we will get 25 so called "ready to paint" frame sets. Those are raw frames and forks ready to be painted locally at a painter of your choice. They will move fast so hurry up if you want one of them.


Comments & Questions

I would be interested in a raw, unpainted frame.
Post #1 of 4. Posted by Dfos on 12-Oct-2016 18:55:29 GMT in reply to blog [0<--1035]
Best to email Andy about that (see the contact tab on the left). We are currently sold out of unpainted frames but a new batch will arrive soon. Andy can reserve one for you.
Post #2 of 4. Posted by Gerard Vroomen on 13-Oct-2016 00:03:02 GMT in reply to post #1 [1035<--1038]
what wheels and tires, how much more does the fork wheigh and what geraing combo
Post #3 of 4. Posted by irvin tremblay on 21-Oct-2016 11:46:55 GMT in reply to blog [0<--1083]
Hi Irv, all specs are in Andy's October 13 Update posting
Post #4 of 4. Posted by Gerard Vroomen on 21-Oct-2016 21:19:38 GMT in reply to post #3 [1083<--1091]