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How does it feel to beat Peter Sagan ?

Andy Kessler - 07-May-2018
ok, I can unfortunately not answer this question but Geoff Kabush can. This weekend he put 45 minutes into the world champion, winning the first edition of the Saganfondo.

Once we started OPEN we defined a couple of core values and principles. One was that we will never spend money on advertising but instead have our customers spreading the good word. Thats what we call true and honest marketing.

Another important one was not to sponsor racers. What is it worth seeing an ad with a world champion winning a race on a bike he gets paid for. Next year he is on a another bike and guess what, he still wins races...

So we will never pay anybody to ride our bikes. But sometimes there are great people interested in riding our bikes. We call them ambassadors.

When we launched our YETI limited edition a while ago, YETI asked us if we would be interested to have YETI-sponsored rider Geoff Kabush riding our bikes for some gravel races. We did not have to think long as Geoff is not only a strong rider but also a great personality, which is even more important for us.

This is what Geoff says about his OPEN NEW U.P. 

"The O.P.E.N. U.P. is really a perfect fit for the great events I’ve been doing recently like the mixed terrain NorCal Grasshopper Adventure Series, Grinduro gravel enduro, Lost and Found 100-mile gravel race, as well as the usual select road and cyclocross events. If there is a quiver killing curly bar bike the O.P.E.N is definitely the one. Along with the Yeti mountain bikes these are bikes that I’m really going to enjoy riding and be proud to own.

In 2018 I’ve also committed to taking on the massive 200-mile gravel challenge of Dirty Kanza. The crown jewel of gravel events is intimidating but at least I know I will have the perfect bike to take on the event. I’ve always enjoyed taking on new challenges and this will certainly be the longest I’ve done"

Over the next month I want to share so more ambassador and customer stories.

Comments & Questions

Is there a spec available on that bike? I am especially interested i the wheelset and tires. What are those? :)
Post #1 of 6. Posted by Jakob on 07-May-2018 06:27:21 GMT in reply to blog [0<--11734]
Hi Jacob, I will ask Geoff to provide me some details. I was not involved in the bike built
Post #2 of 6. Posted by Andy Kessler on 07-May-2018 06:49:19 GMT in reply to post #1 [11734<--11735]
No tubes Avion, there is team and pro version
Post #3 of 6. Posted by wheels on 07-May-2018 08:08:57 GMT in reply to post #1 [11734<--11736]
Seems like a great strategies to me Andy. What speaks volumes to cycling fanatics(like us your target market) is that you want to ride Yeti and they want to ride Open .
Celebrity endorsement is good for creating brand awareness recognition and top of mind brand status for beginners and enthusiast buying there first proper bike and then the manufactures hope they will create brand loyalty
The whole world new that Lance road Trek . Orbea's sale increase by 7% each year Absolon was riding for them.
I have been put off brands, buy their riders much more strongly and frequently than I ever have been pulled towards brands by the riders I respect

Out of interest Andy, what percent of gross revenue would the big companies like Trek/Giant/Specialized spend on marketing in or excluding there proteam expenditure. (guess 200 frames and X x1M Euros per team)
The listed bike manufactures have bean making a net profit margin around 5 and 6 % over the last few years.
Not the easiest way to make money. But maybe the funnist!
Post #4 of 6. Posted by Glen on 07-May-2018 08:12:40 GMT in reply to blog [0<--11737]
Of course it depends on the brand, I know one little brand that spends almost half of its gross revenue on marketing. Of course they cannot do that for very long, so I expect their sponsorships to wind down or their company to wind down. 10% is a more average figure but again, it varies.
Post #6 of 6. Posted by Gerard Vroomen on 16-May-2018 06:33:10 GMT in reply to post #4 [11737<--12749]
Hi Andy
Nice concept .. during the last three years I rode The Open 1.0 in three nice races, Cape Epic, TransAndes Chile (2) . I am fully satisfied therefore I am alway feel like Open ambassador
I hope in the short time you can build up a full suspension frame , my back will apreciatte a lot a little more confort :)
Post #5 of 6. Posted by Guillermo on 07-May-2018 10:36:08 GMT in reply to blog [0<--11738]