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BOTM: WI.DE. DETOUR - part 1

Andy Kessler - 02-Sep-2019
The BOTM of September is probably one of the most complicated one we ever have done. It took us a while to match all the involved components not to speak about Shimano who had several month of delay on their GRX groupset.

Let's start with the intro video and then I summarise everything in writing also.

The Swedish mudguard manufacturer Ass Savers invited OPEN cycle, GRAMM Tourpacking and Podia to elaborate on their newly released Detour design and the result is a unique and very limited set of frames, bags, jersey and of course, the complete set of the original Detour mudguards and bottles.

The Detour concept is manifested by a set of graphics that originates from the panoramic views as experienced by Staffan Widell and designer Jesper Jonsson during last years Torino Nice Rally in the Italian-French alps but for all the committed brands it runs deeper than that. It summons up an attitude towards life as a small brand. OPEN applied an intricate inverted version of the misty mountains graphics to their brand new WI.DE. frame. With room for 2.4 tires and a slightly more upright sitting position than the previous U.P., it's the perfect bike for a proper bikepacking adventure.

Gramm Tourpacking went all in with a complete set up of their custom made bikepacking bags made in Germany. Tailor made to perfectly fit the different sizes of the OPEN frame and including the bolt-on top tube bag and a brand new handlebar bag. Color scheme runs in a deep marigold and slate grey with matching Detour labels.

The Detour Jersey developed by Podia is based on their new LT jersey style. Manufactured in Italy from some of the lightest, softest fabrics available. Offering breathability and comfort in key areas, perfect for the most testing rides.

The frame, the bags, the jersey water bottles and the mudguards will only be available as a complete bundle in a very limited edition of 25 sets. As everything beside the Ass Savers is custom made we have a lead time of 90 days to supply the whole set. Logistics is split up between the frame set that is handled through OPEN/our OPEN dealers and the rest of the package that is handled through GRAMM directly with you the customer. The order window for this limited edition closes on September 20th 2019. Therefore I will share the beauty shots so you can see the very nice details of each item.

Retail Price in Europe is 3200 EUR for the frameset including VAT and shipping and 1053 EUR for the rest of the package including VAT but excluding shipping. Retail price. For rest of the World is 3200$USD for the frameset excluding any local sales tax but including shipping and 993 US$ for the rest of the package excluding any sales tax and shipping. Please go to your local OPEN dealer or through our web shop to place your order for this very special limited edition frame set.

For the rest of the package please contact Kristin from Gramm Sizing for the Podia jersey can be found here.

Comments & Questions

Great article, which WTBs in which width are that?
Post #1 of 9. Posted by John Doe on 02-Sep-2019 14:15:56 GMT in reply to blog [0<--19749]
Those are the WTB Trail Boss in 27,5x 2.4" size
Post #4 of 9. Posted by Marc on 03-Sep-2019 05:14:14 GMT in reply to post #1 [19749<--19755]
Speaking of backpacking, could you consider in the future a special edition of the U-turn tweaked for a clean dynamo setup ? With a hacked multistop for rear routing ?
Post #2 of 9. Posted by Raff on 02-Sep-2019 17:41:00 GMT in reply to blog [0<--19753]
Hi Raphael, we don't have that in the works, but there are people who route it through the U-Turn already.
Post #5 of 9. Posted by Gerard Vroomen on 05-Oct-2019 15:20:41 GMT in reply to post #2 [19753<--19789]
From the hole under the headtube I guess ... but what about routing from the hub? I don't see how without drilling a hole (don't panic, no way I'd ever do that) or using helicopter tape (kind of ugly). Is there an obvious way I'm not thinking about ? Thanks
Post #6 of 9. Posted by Raff on 05-Oct-2019 18:18:59 GMT in reply to post #5 [19789<--19791]
Well, there is a drain hole in the U-Turn (not in the very early ones, but there is now) and some use that to run the wire into the fork leg.
Post #7 of 9. Posted by Gerard Vroomen on 06-Oct-2019 05:53:05 GMT in reply to post #6 [19791<--19794]
WTB Trail Boss 2.4
Post #3 of 9. Posted by Andy Kessler on 03-Sep-2019 03:52:05 GMT in reply to blog [0<--19754]
Hello, this special edition paint is all gloss or is matte also?
Post #8 of 9. Posted by Luis Santos on 05-Jan-2020 17:53:18 GMT in reply to blog [0<--19978]
Hi Luis, its all gloss
Post #9 of 9. Posted by Andy Kessler on 06-Jan-2020 01:48:28 GMT in reply to blog [0<--19980]