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BOTM: ICE U.P. ON A STICK - part 2:

Andy Kessler - 05-Oct-2018
For those of you that have not seen the intro video of the current BOTM check it out its my favourite one ever.

Max has build a beautiful and unique NEW U.P. mixing tradition and innovation. The Klein paint job is legendary. I was in the same situation as Max. I was dreaming about this paint job and frame for a long time but back then was just to expensive for a student. I ended up with a Gary Fisher CR7. Purple front triangle and a Chrome rear triangle. I still know the guy that has it now and I would have bought it back but the current owner took the paint off which is a no go (sorry Stefan!).

After this flashback off around 30 years lets get back and here you go with the beauty shots of Max New U.P.



Comments & Questions

Wow, that looks just amazing. At what point does a BOTM become just too nice to ride?
Post #1 of 3. Posted by Colin on 05-Oct-2018 07:51:31 GMT in reply to blog [0<--15028]
Hi Colin, I had that problem already once with my Cento... It was just to nice to be. I just prefer riding over cleaning so I need something that can be dirty!
Post #3 of 3. Posted by Andy Kessler on 08-Oct-2018 09:42:50 GMT in reply to post #1 [15028<--15032]
That paint is really good.
Post #2 of 3. Posted by Eric Hancock on 05-Oct-2018 11:05:11 GMT in reply to blog [0<--15029]