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BOTM: A piece of Art - part 3

Andy Kessler - 07-Jul-2017
In our last "a piece of Art" blog we featured a hand painted U.P. frame of Norwegian artist and former professional snowboarder Danny Larsen.

Now we have another masterpiece from Italian artist and Bike Blogger Cento Canesio. Cento is not only a great artist but also an avid cyclist. Right now he is preparing for the Transcontinental race probably one of the toughest races you can do on this planet. He will race on his hand painted U.P.P.E.R.

When I saw the work of Cento I told him I need to get one of this frames for myself and actually I thought that it would be cool for some of our OPEN friends to get a hand on one also. So we are actually planing for a limited edition of 10 of those unique and hand painted U.P.P.E.R. frames. Two are gone for Cento and myself. So we would make 8 more. As they are all hand  painted in Italy the country of good taste, lead time would be around 6 weeks. If you really want to get a truly unique U.P.P.E.R. frame and in the same time a piece of art then contact me to reserve one. 

Have a look at the gallery below. This is my frame yours would look same but different....

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