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Andy Kessler - 04-Dec-2015
A while ago  we did a photo shooting during one of the coolest cyclocross events on this planet:  the red-bull-velodux  in Estavayer Switzerland. As most events from red bull things are slightly different….

The race was a big loop trough a historic small town. You had sections with jumps, steep stairs (up and down…) wall rides, areas where you had to pass man made forests and lots of other crazy stuff. The race starts with a classic lemans start which itself is a lot of fun to watch. After that it is constant action and extremely challenging for the riders.

We had one and a half team on our new OPEN U.P.’s. I had one of my test bikes available for our Geneva dealer Velosophe and then we had two new OPEN ambassadors that will ride our bikes next year for a couple of interesting races and amazing journeys. Raffael Schär an ex elite racer and Patrick Seabase probably the most popular fixie-rider on this planet. Watch his legendary tour de france stage in this video: red bull fixed gear challenge

Well, things did not quite work out as we wanted. Patrick had a very bad crash the evening before the race. As always when you have bad crashes, it is something totally avoidable. But it happened and as some sections of the race are really rough, no way you can do that with a body that does not perform 100%. As you can only start as a team of two, Raffael could only do the training loops.

But I think the pictures that Mark our OPEN photographer took give you a good idea of this amazing race.  Damien “Mr. Velospohe” had however a very good race and enjoyed the ride on the UP. He was a little sad that he had to give back his bike after the race but drinking one of his “Velosophe” beer together with us helped him to overcome the pain (...and knowing that he will get his Medium UP soon).

Watch out for more stories from Seabase, as there is a Morocco trip and the Tortour cyclocross race on his to do list. 

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