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OPEN at SeaOtter 2013: Introducing the O-1.1 & “Electric One”

Gerard Vroomen - 17-Apr-2013
At SeaOtter 2012, OPEN launched its first ever frame, the O-1.0

The journey since then has been fantastic. The bike media has described our first design as “near perfect”, "climbs like a mountain goat on crack", “positively impressive” and “technically flawless & incredibly light”. Meanwhile the distribution network has expanded to the 50 retailers worldwide we aimed for, the first customers love the bike and many of you are in regular contact with us.
So now we return for SeaOtter 2013.
First, what we are not introducing this year: a full suspension frame. We get this question a lot, and yes, are working on several full suspension designs. But we have no idea which of the concepts will eventually work the way we want, nor if/when we would start production. That’s the nice thing about how we structured OPEN; there is no pressure to come out with anything new until we are 100% happy with it. We'll definitely keep you informed as we go along.

We will be showing the following at SeaOtter:
The O-1.1. It is born an O-1.0, but because the latter has a very low weight target including just 35g of paint, there is no room for any corrections during the paint process. Frames that end up with more than 35g of paint are now repainted in a beautiful white color and offered as an O-1.1. So by definition, the O-1.1 offers the same stiffness, strength and ride characteristics as the O-1.0, but it weighs around 100g more at 986g for a 435-L size (still an incredible weight compared to the competition).
The AXX1. This limited edition model combines our world’s lightest frame with the cockpit and wheels from AX-Lightness, XX1 drivetrain from SRAM, THM BBright crank and Lefty fork for a 7.3kg superbike.
The “Electric One”. In a world first, OPEN’s Electric One is an O-1.1 running the Ki2 electronic shifting and Fox iCD electronic fork off a single battery (hidden in the seatpost). There are no plans at this point to offer the Electric One for sale. 

More photos of the O-1.1 can be found here, specs and prices are here. More photos of the Electric One and other cool SeaOtter stuff will be added to the blog and our Facebook and Twitter accounts in the next few days.

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