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Another milestone in our young company

Andy Kessler - 01-Oct-2014
For our new catalogue Gerard and I put a list of milestones of our rather young company together. We came up with a list of 16 milestones that happened over the last 3 years. You can see them in our new catalogue that we presented during Eurobike.

We just added number 17: The Swiss Museum of Design has currently an exhibition with the subject “100 years of Swiss Design”.

We are really proud that our OPEN ONE made it into this exhibition. There are only two bicycles featured The other one is the famous Landi Velo from 1939.  Back then really a revolutionary bicycle with alloy profile frame details and integrated speedometer.

Its really motivating to see our bike in the same hall like the famous railway clock of Hans Hilfiker and many other design classics.

During the very crowded opening event I talked to one of the curators of the exposition and he told me that they had picked the OPEN ONE over the Impec from BMC, my previous employer (or lets better say mission). Sorry for that my friends at BMC...

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