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BOTM: Green Machine - part 1

Gerard Vroomen - 11-Oct-2017
If the previous Bike Of The Month had you Feeling Blue, maybe this Green Machine will cheer you U.P. OK, that's ONE pun too many.

As you probably know, we launched the new, lighter U.P. with flatmount brakes, U-turn fork, etc, etc. And it comes in two colors, blue and green. Andy put a whole bunch of these together for Easton's demo fleet and this is one of them.

Hope you enjoy, photos and specs follow in the next couple of weeks.

 If you cannot wait that long, the New U.P. is in stock in green, blue & Ready-To-Paint and in all four sizes, as of this writing at least, so you can get your own to look at. Just note that demand is higher than we anticipated, so we do run out each month, but then each next month we get some more.

Secondly, if your love for the original U.P. is still going strong, you're in luck as we have been able to reduce its price somewhat.

Comments & Questions

I'm green with envy. ONE day I will OPEN UP my wallet and join the club....
Post #1 of 6. Posted by Matt on 11-Oct-2017 14:26:09 GMT in reply to blog [0<--7124]
what is the big lump at the top of the seat post?
Post #2 of 6. Posted by Anton Bell on 12-Oct-2017 04:50:25 GMT in reply to blog [0<--7126]
Most likely the large "lump" is part of a larger clamping surface to distribute rail stress over a larger area/ surface.
This is a good thing!
Exception might be looks.
You could also use Syntace P6 carbon hiflex which does about same thing (different looks though :-).
Post #3 of 6. Posted by wheels on 12-Oct-2017 05:46:07 GMT in reply to post #2 [7126<--7127]
that clamping area theory sounds like nonsense to be honest.
surely this is a major visual feature that needs an explanation? it looks hideous!
Post #5 of 6. Posted by Anton Bell on 20-Oct-2017 04:38:23 GMT in reply to post #3 [7127<--7144]
Might be, but it's surely so.
Post #6 of 6. Posted by wheels on 20-Oct-2017 17:28:24 GMT in reply to post #5 [7144<--7145]
We asked but it's classified information.
Post #4 of 6. Posted by Gerard Vroomen on 19-Oct-2017 23:26:05 GMT in reply to post #2 [7126<--7142]