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U.P.P.E.R. detailed product information

Andy Kessler - 27-Feb-2017
Some of you might have followed our live stream session of today and would like to get more information about the U.P.P.E.R. For all of you and everybody interested in our new model, you can find detailed information here on the combined U.P. and U.P.P.E.R. product page.

As the video quality was not extremely good on the live stream here already one product shot. More to come in our March Bike Of The Month in a couple of days.



Comments & Questions

Wow! I am amazed, Andy! Is it already sold?
Looking forward to your Mail :-) Guess you are super-busy these days, eating delicious fondue!
Post #1 of 9. Posted by Felix on 27-Feb-2017 14:22:18 GMT in reply to blog [0<--1504]
It's lovely.
Part of me wants to hate you for bringing this out about 9 months after I spent a fortune building my own black on black UP, with custom paint etc
Another part of me thinks I got it right with 15mm axle, 180/160 discs and Saint calipers
Either way, I think this is going to sell very well, chapeau and good luck with it.
Post #2 of 9. Posted by Geraint on 27-Feb-2017 15:31:56 GMT in reply to blog [0<--1505]
Love to see a pic of your black on black UP- anyplace I can see it?
Post #7 of 9. Posted by Sean on 28-Feb-2017 07:01:28 GMT in reply to post #2 [1505<--1512]
It's in the gallery here:
Post #8 of 9. Posted by Geraint on 28-Feb-2017 07:11:04 GMT in reply to post #7 [1512<--1514]
This is a beautiful bike! So slick!!
Post #3 of 9. Posted by Rhonda Mckinney on 27-Feb-2017 15:44:51 GMT in reply to blog [0<--1506]
Nice bike,bravo!
Post #4 of 9. Posted by andrej on 28-Feb-2017 00:44:25 GMT in reply to blog [0<--1509]
Thanks for the wonderful Crossfondue! Was great riding with you all. Next time I am there on my new UPPER.
Post #5 of 9. Posted by Matisse Etienne on 28-Feb-2017 02:39:51 GMT in reply to blog [0<--1510]
Upper should be great to use as both a gravel and road bike, just changing wheels/ tires.
I would really love to have this offer if i had no bike at all. Upper should probably fill my needs.
However, since i ride Grit and am pretty used to it now, i would wish something here.
For a true full blown lift over UP (+Grit), i would like to see a fork which could take over for Grit (but much lighter).
Grit would simply be a kill blow to any ligh weight agenda.
Thing is, if you ride a stiff fork and then ride with Grit a few months, well, try going back to that stiff fork and you'll see.
Grit surely make me see what the resonable inventions should be about if we talk gravel bikes.
For now, we argue about low pressure and wider tires. This is not competing with suspension.
I would surely like to see lamella constuctions or carbon leaf springs for light stiff suspension.
Traction increase and fatigue would be lowered.
What can you do Mr Vroomen?
Post #6 of 9. Posted by wheels on 28-Feb-2017 06:01:44 GMT in reply to blog [0<--1511]
How much lighter is this new frame/fork (in comparison to the U.P.)? How much do you save when you use the other discs?

For me the "old" 3T Luteus fork Looks much nicer (personal taste)
Post #9 of 9. Posted by Itsme85 on 28-Feb-2017 07:12:06 GMT in reply to blog [0<--1515]