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Andy Kessler - 16-Aug-2019
After the fun video of part - 1 here the real video for the introduction of the orange WI.DE. This video has been a real challenge ( ok Gerard, I hear you for me every video is a challenge..).

We somehow always face noise when we try to make a video but this time it has been almost surreal. If you ask nicely in the comments, I am sure Marc our photo and videographer will make a "making off" video and you will not regret watching it.

And the good news is the orange WI.DE. frameset  is in stock worldwide in our warehouses.

Comments & Questions

I'm also interested in the GRX RD, I assume you have the 812 model. It might fit how I have been considering to upgrade my "classic" UP. However, the GRX is so new, nobody seems to know nothing about mixing components, as of yet.
I presently have Ultegra FD and chainrings 46/34t, XT RD 11sp, SRAM 10-42t cassette. The RD-812 is specified for 11-42t, but limited for a 1x setup only. For a 2x, Shimano only offers RDs (top model is 810) that are specc'ed for 11-34t. But as you have proven, Shimano often tend to have margins...
I want 46/30t chainrings and a 9-39 cassette. You think either the RD-812 or RD-810 might work?
GRX moves the chainline out a bit, as compared to their road groupsets. Is there any chance I can still keep my Ultegra FD, or must I swap it to something else?
Post #1 of 5. Posted by Bengt Novik on 16-Aug-2019 13:11:34 GMT in reply to blog [0<--19693]
I interest at OPEN ORANGE T-shirt ;)
Post #2 of 5. Posted by Om Mawur on 16-Aug-2019 15:16:36 GMT in reply to blog [0<--19695]

can you tell, what bb shell i would have to order for the GRX815 crank set for my Classic UP frame with a 1-by build?

Best regards
Post #3 of 5. Posted by Tom on 16-Aug-2019 17:50:27 GMT in reply to blog [0<--19696]
That depends which BB brand you like. My favorite are the threaded BBs like the Enduro Torqtite. There are different versions for different cranks, but for Shimano it would be the BKS-0141 for the steel bearings and then they have ceramic versions too. Wheels Mfg makes similar BBs, as does for example Token.
Post #4 of 5. Posted by Gerard Vroomen on 17-Aug-2019 17:52:14 GMT in reply to post #3 [19696<--19697]
Thanks for answering, Gerard.

I'll go for a 40 at the front, paired with 11-46 XT cassette.

The seat post shown in the video above ... eeSilk ... looks interesting at approx. 300g. Is it really that lite?

Best regards
Post #5 of 5. Posted by Tom on 17-Aug-2019 18:02:39 GMT in reply to post #4 [19697<--19698]