Cape Frustration
Andy Kessler - 30-Jan-2013
There goes a dream! I planned to race the Cape Epic Mountain Bike race in South Africa this year. It was one of the few “races you must have done in your live” that was still left on my list. I have great memories of riding a MTB in South Africa. I did a MTB trip with my brother a while ago in Lesotho. In two weeks we have seen 4 cars….incredible landscapes and great people.

All started out fine. I got one of the very desired entry tickets. I got one of the very desired mobile homes. Our South African OPEN partner offered us free service on the bikes. What do you want more?

Ok, fitness would be one. Because I was suffering some knee problems I wanted to make sure that I can go full gas.  My doctor who is working with some of the best road teams suggested me to do a quick operation. Kind of a service thing…two weeks and I should be back on the bike again being able to train better and stronger than before. Now, three months, two infections  and a couple of injections later (not to speak of the 6cm of muscles that I lost on my left leg) I am not on my bike.

I am terribly frustrated: I had to cancel Cape Epic and I am missing my daily training. There is a pretty good chance that I have to do another operation again. Instead of being in the best shape since a long time, I am happy if I can ride my city bike to work! But guess what: I am working on my OPEN coffee racer: a project that I wanted to do since a while and now I have time for it…Watch out for more info about it shortly and of course my blog coming in a year about racing the Epic!
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