Our newest model
Gerard Vroomen - 10-Oct-2014
Our newest model has had a fairly quiet launch. It's the first OPEN product where we were happy when it turned out pretty heavy and where stiffness is at record lows. As for compliance, not sure.

I'm talking about our new catalog and for those who can't get their hands on the printed version, it is ready for download today.

In this modern world, you might find it odd we spent the time to make an old-school catalog. At 72 pages, it's not small, especially for a company with just two products. Even more so when you realize that there are actually no product pages in the catalog. Instead, the catalog shows why OPEN exists, what we've done so far, what our dreams and favorite types of riding are, how our design and production process works, and my favorite pages: an overview of all the bikes that our customers have uploaded to the Owners' Showcase.

So if you have the chance, pick one up at your OPEN retailer in the near future, or download it here. If you find the PDF format a bit tough to read, don't worry, we will be posting parts of it on the blog in the near future too.
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