Working hard to stay small
Andy Kessler - 05-Sep-2014
This years Eurobike proved that our concept of keeping our company small actually really works well.

First of all for a two person company it is still possible to find a hotel room near the show ground. For bigger companies this is very difficult. The waiting list is long and most of the smaller (but not so small) companies have to travel for an hour each day to get to the show.

Then we could set up our Demo Day booth just an hour before the start of the demo rides. The Demo Day has been moved to the show ground. As a result of that, you have one more day with traffic jams and therefore we were running a little late. Once we came to our reserved space there was a car parked in the middle of it. I asked the guy very friendly if he can move the car as we wanted to built up our tent. He replied to me that nobody is exhibiting there because it's clearly marked "open" on the map, so he can park there if he wants. I explain to him that we are “OPEN” but still he did not start to move the car. So I had to explain him one more time that our company is called OPEN and that’s not an open space and then he finally got the message.

In the evening of the Demo Day we did set up our booth inside the tradeshow area. As last year we shared the booth together with AX Lightness. We had a very clean setup with 4 bikes on display. Once again it only took us about 1 hour to tear down outside and set everything up inside.

The downside of being a 2 people company is obviously that you are super busy during a show like that. The two of us have to meet with dealers, suppliers, event organizers and customers. The days are super busy and the normal meeting rhythm is every half an hour a new meeting. No time for lunch or to see anything of the show on the first 3 days.

But at the end of the show we were the smiling ones again. When other companies big trucks where still in the waiting line to get into the show ground we were walking out with our 4 show bikes, packed them in our van that was parked outside the closed area and drove off. I guess that's another reason why we will never have more than 4 different models, otherwise we would have to walk twice!  Or we would have to bring a third person on board so we could walk out with 6 bikes. Then again, that would add the complexity of having to find a second hotel room ....

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