Andy Kessler - 01-Jul-2015
Originally we planned to do my home-OFFRIDING event early June this year. My only problem with that was that I could not ride a bike back then. I could not even ride on a trainer.  Now a month later things look a little better. I have done a stress test in one of my favorite areas the Ticino in the south part of Switzerland. After not riding (or better not doing any sports) for over 4 months I have started to ride to work again and slow one hour rides. Not sure what I had in mind when I started to the 5 hour Ticino ride with a loop of 130km. One of the reasons was that back home it was really ugly, cold and rainy and I just wanted to see some sun. I normally don’t take the car to go riding but I wanted to make this trip as short as possible (at least to go to the Ticino…).


Once I crossed the alps to the Gotthard tunnel  I had beautiful sunshine and 27 degrees. Perfect riding conditions.


Ok, back to the ride. So I started ok. I would not say super fast but the beautiful scenery kind of gave me enough distraction to forget about my legs. I did a first climb up to the Passo del Tedesco in Italy. A moderate climb of 500 meters with an average of 7%. I felt good even more that there was no other cyclist that could demotivate me. After that I did another climb also about 400 meters but this time 10% grade. This climb really started to hurt in my legs and I was very close to turn around and take a road down in the valley. But at the end my head was stronger than my legs and I made it. Now there was another 60km to go and I kind of started to feel not so good anymore. After a coffee and a good italian panini my moral was back. Riding along the Lago Maggiore I felt good again (I guess mainly because I had tailwind). There was one more little pass the Monte Ceneri. This time 400 meters with 10% grade. Little pass… it felt to me like the Himalaya. I was dead, my legs did not want to turn anymore. Also, this was the only ugly road on my trip so that did not help either. I realized that I was pretty stupid to do such a ride with a new hip and no training. At the end one more time my head was stronger and I made it. The next day I had the most terrible muscle pain in my legs ever.

So what is the conclusion? I still don’t know howI will ride 7 hours for 3 days during my home town OFFRIDING event end of August. I don’t event know how I will get the route on my Garmin as I have to ride all stages for that before.

If you want to see me really suffering and in the same time enjoy beautiful trails, nature and good food then come and join us. I am pretty sure it will be a trip at least I will never forget. Check out more details on the OFFRIDING website.
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