Black Friday
Gerard Vroomen - 27-Nov-2015
At OPEN, we're huge fans of Seth Godin. And not just Andy and I, our photographer Marc and many others around us too. I think I've been following his thoughts (via books, blog, etc) for the better part of two decades. I helped fund one of his books (with thousands of others), I even have a little "shrine" complete with Seth Godin marketing guru action figure that he sent me! 

His writing is diverse and always counter-intuitive, and his thoughts on Black Friday are no exception. So instead of giving you 20% off spare derailleur hangers (limited time offer) if you enter the promo code "WEALREADYINCLUDEASECONDHANGERWITHTHEFRAME", Marc suggested we share Seth's blogpost about Black Friday.

I think that's a great idea, so I hope you'll take 30 seconds to read Seth's blog post for today and treat yourself to a great White Friday

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