Fully disclosure
Gerard Vroomen - 30-Jul-2015
Many of you know that we're working on a full suspension frame. Some of you may also know that the frame is only a small portion of the project, the larger part of the project has to do with producing it in Europe. The location in itself isn't the problem, the problem is we're trying to use production techniques that have never been used for frames in this way (similar processes are used for completely different bike frames but those frames act more as a deterrent than an encouragement for what we are trying to do). 

That's a roundabout way of saying it's a long process, one that we're unsure of how long it takes. But that's also part of why I'm interested in this project so much. We think that in the long run this is a nice way to make frames, but in the short run it produces, well, nothing. Which in turn is annoying for those of you who are expecting this fully to show up soon. 

Anyway, just because you don't read weekly updates on this project doesn't mean it's not progressing. We've been making parts since some time now, and everything we learned from that we put into frame updates and so the past few months were spent adjusting some of the frame shapes to make it better to produce. Last week, I visited the mold maker to discuss some more ways to adjust the molds to streamline production, and they started cutting a new set of main triangle molds for further tests.
The chain stay and seat stay shapes I have to update in the next two weeks, based on the discussions with the mold maker, and then the week after Eurobike I'll be back at the factory. Hopefully with the new molds will be delivered there by that time, and we can go onto the next phase. That doesn't mean we have a sellable product, but it's once step closer.

I know this is not exactly the level of excitement of a "Fully now shipping" announcement, but we promised to keep you informed about what happens inside the company, not just about the products we're offering at the moment. And not to worry, eventually there will be a blog with that title, guaranteed!

Completely unrelated, I also came across KAS on this trip to the mold maker. Remember that brand from the Sean Kelly team? Call me an idiot, but I never realised what it actually was (classic problem with sports sponsorship; great to get the name out, terrible to communicate what the business actually does). So when I was bored one night, I decided to make a small shrine to King Kelly.
Yes, I know, it's a bit sad to spend the evening with two cans of lemonade, but luckily the mold maker is not too far from a small Spanish town with some fantastic restaurants. My friend Pepe was just in time to take the photo, the food didn't last very long!

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